11 ways for women to masturbate

by sanmei

11 ways for women to masturbate

When many girls hear the topic of masturbation, they always feel a little shy and think that masturbation should be the patent of boys. In fact, it is not, because when girls don't have a partner or sexual partner, "come by yourself" is the best way to solve their physiological needs. Not only that, women who have masturbation habits usually know where their sensitive zone is, When the other half enjoys the joy of love together, it will also be easier to reach orgasm than ordinary girls.

Masturbation refers to a kind of behavior that stimulates sexual organs to obtain sexual pleasure or achieve orgasm. Masturbation can be stimulated by hands, daily objects or special sex toys.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 1: remember to pad a towel when masturbating
When masturbating, it's easy to secrete a lot of liquid. At this time, it's easy to get the sheets wet. It's better to put a small towel under it, which is also more hygienic.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 2: beginners try to use quilts and pillows
For beginners without masturbation experience, you can try to lie in bed, relax, and then clamp the pillow or quilt with your thighs and try to rub back and forth. This is the simplest way for girls without masturbation experience.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 3: use a shower when taking a bath
This is also very suitable for inexperienced girls. When taking a bath, wash their private parts with a shower to feel the stimulation. Just remember to adjust the water temperature and strength in this way to avoid hurting their private parts.

Masturbation climax method trick 4: use a faucet to masturbate

This method is completely different from using a shower. It requires girls to sit in the bathtub, turn on their legs and let the water from the faucet flow slowly to your vagina. Because this method is less exciting and gentle, the comfortable feeling is stacked slowly, which is completely different from the stimulation of shower head masturbation

Masturbation orgasm method trick5: leg clamping can also orgasm

In fact, many girls don't know this way. It's mainly to cross one thigh with the other, and then force the pudendal friction to the climax. This method doesn't need to use any props and is labor-saving.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 6: use your fingers to help yourself

You can gently massage your vulva with your hand, and then slowly touch your hand into the clitoris. For novice girls, masturbation does not have to be extended into the vagina. You can reach an orgasm by gently massaging your vulva and then slowly accelerating it.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 7: use dildo

Putting a dildo into the vagina for masturbation is also a method,it's always good to try something new.If you get this dark brown dildo, then you get a boyfriend with a different skin tone.

Masturbation orgasm method trick 8: egg jumping is also a choice

The use of egg skipping is not only convenient, so that you can have an orgasm anytime and anywhere, but also has super many functions. The vibration of different segments can quickly comfort girls and bring orgasm. It is a great choice for girls with masturbation habits. If you feel it is not exciting enough, you can try sucker or sucking egg skipping, Simulate the pleasure of licking your tongue up and down, stimulate your sensitive zone and open a new world for you!

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Masturbation orgasm method trick 9: use lubricant

When masturbating, if your private parts are not smooth enough, it is recommended to use lubricant as an aid. With the aid of lubricant, use your finger head to slide back and forth on the clitoris like a roller mouse to make your body feel more

Masturbation orgasm method trick 10: don't forget your chest

When girls masturbate, in fact, don't forget that the chest is also our girls' sensitive belt. Timely rubbing the chest or gently sliding through the nipple with your hand, combined with vaginal massage, will double the feeling of orgasm

Masturbation orgasm method trick 11: ride a bike to climax

Girls who ride bicycles must have such experience. When riding through the bumpy road section, the contact and friction between your sister and the cushion of the bicycle will bring some pleasure. However, this method must pay attention to the safety of driving. If it can be combined with twisting the waist and hips, it can bring deep stimulation.

Enjoy it! Don't feel ashamed of masturbation. Loving your body is not a bad thing! Get along well with your body.