5 keys to keep the penis healthy

by sanmei

5 keys to keep the penis healthy

There are a ton of guides out there talking about vaginal health, but people tend to brush aside things on the dude’s side. Maybe because it’s not a cavernous place that is prone to yeast infections or other itchy issues.

But men’s genital health is just as important.

So, let’s look at some direct and indirect ways you can take care of your ding dong.

1. Drink Water

There have been studies that link dehydration to erectile dysfunction. Aside, from being good for overall health, try to get in those couple liters for the sake of your mini-me.

You can see if you’re getting enough liquids by the color of your urine…

  • Clear urine could mean you’re overhydrated
  • Yellow to amber urine is considered normal
  • Orange or brown urine could mean you’re dehydrated

2. Practice Safe Sex

Infections like genital warts are no laughing matter. Make sure to wear a condom during each sexual encounter. Also, get tested with every new partner.

3. Pelvic Exercises

Speaking of water, you might have heard that women should be doing Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor – mostly to counter the changes during pregnancy or issues that come with age (like leaking pee).

But did you know that men should do them too?


And it’s not just your underwear that will benefit, but you’ll be cleaner down there too. Extra bonus for anyone who wants to go down on you. Because trust me (from personal experience) it’s gross to get a mouthful of urine residue.

Just use the muscles you use to pee – squeeze for five seconds, relax, and repeat for ten rounds. Slowly work your way up to twenty reps, three or four times a day. Any leakage will soon disappear.

4. Wash Properly

No, you can’t just stand in the shower and let the falling water do all the work. Get in there and give things a good cleaning and don’t forget the areas around it too – like your perineum, inner thighs, and around your butt cheeks and bum hole. Why? Sweat can collect in all those places.

If you’re uncut, gently pull back the foreskin and wash that area to prevent smegma buildup. Because dick cheese can lead to bigger health issues like balanitis (aka glans swelling).

But you’re still not done!

Check for things like warts, rashes, blisters, or strange discharge. These can be signs of an STI.

5. Pubic Grooming

It’s up to you if you want to trim or shave the hedges. There’s no right or wrong.

But if you choose to get in there and pull some figurative weeds, there are things to be careful of.

  • If you shave, go in the same direction of the hair growth. This way, you will avoid getting a shaving rash
  • Never share razors (for obvious reasons)
  • If waxing, get it done by a professional who has clean equipment
  • When trimming with scissors, always disinfect them before and after
  • If you use chemical products (like Nair), do a test patch first and get the stuff specifically made for sensitive areas.