5 Tips To Have Better Sex From Behind

by sanmei

5 Tips To Have Better Sex From Behind

Sex from behind reflects the animalistic urges that ultimately make us creatures of lust. The benefits for sex from behind should outweigh the hustle, difficulties, and potential pain sex could cause for the woman, based on her position.

Sex positions from behind are typically praised by men, but women can enjoy sex from behind as well. Sometimes we appreciate a little less eye contact. And other than some studies suggest, female orgasms are possible in this position.

In this piece, I’ll teach you how to have enjoyable sex from behind that makes her cum, while you please yourself. I’ll share some common mistakes to avoid, along with some helpful tips worth practicing.

Why sex from behind is so beneficial to women

Sex from behind serves women well:

  • To have less intimacy and not have to focus on the stupid faces we make.
  • To get the right amount of domination.
  • To enjoy you enjoying us.
  • To have at least one hand free to touch ourselves.

Sex from behind serves men well:

  • To have rough sex.
  • To watch her butt jiggle.
  • To be dominant, no matter what.
  • To fantasize about anal sex.

If you truly want to enjoy sex from behind, you need to let go of the stigmas associated with it. It’s doesn’t have to dirty, awfully painful, or embarrassing. Just because he sees your butt, or you might finish faster than in another position, it doesn’t have to be less fun.

5 tips for better sex from behind

1 Know your positions

The girls need to listen. Know your angles. What hurts, what do you like, and what do you hate. It makes things a lot easier for you and your partner to get into the groove. Here is some piece of advice that you haven’t heard from me. Experiment with a dildo. Buy one of these plug-dildos and put them up a wall. Get on all fours and get naughty with it.

2 Communication

The lack of communication might be a reason why she won’t have anal sex with you. Communication during riskier positions like doggy sex is mandatory. Turn back and check on your partner to see what he is heading for. If you are doing all the work, ask her if she likes it and make adjustments. You would always check in with each other.

3 Self-pleasure

Yes, you got this. Once he is behind you, you got all the space and time to use your hands on yourself. He might like what he sees and respond with according to thrusts. As the guy thrusting, you could use your hands on her or on yourself too. Especially if you are larger built or she doesn’t enjoy deeper penetration, you should stroke yourself.

4 Variety

Doggy style, sex against a wall, and reverse cowgirl are just three of the many positions you could perform in. Change things up as much as you can to figure out what you like best and what you enjoy least. The depth and strength angle of the penetration might vary from position to position. Just because you are in front of him, doesn’t mean that you are not in charge of the penetration. You could adjust his moves by opening your legs wider, closing them, arching your back, or thrusting against him.

5 Don’t forget the lovemaking

What is making sex worth, if you can’t make love? When she allows you from behind, you shouldn’t forget your romantic side. Kiss her neck, touch breasts, or massage her clit gently. Those are all things that could add volume to the experience and make her enjoy it and love you even more.