About the four benefits of women in masturbation

by sanmei

About the four benefits of women in masturbation

Benefits of female masturbation 1: Help you sleep
Sleep can be said to be a disease of modern civilization, like to slide the mobile phone before going to bed is also easy to cause insomnia. Instead of swiping your phone before going to bed, try touching your body before going to bed. Touching your body or using masturbation AIDS can help you relax after a stressful day and get a better night's sleep.

Benefits of female masturbation 2: enhance actual combat ability
Masturbation can also help you to understand "what you love" as a process of self-discovery ~ when you "battlefield" can have mastership, tell each other "I like it", are more likely to reach orgasm, also greatly reduces the probability of uncomfortable when making love, it is a great it's worth it to do.

Benefits of female masturbation 3: Prevention of infection
When you masturbate, the love fluid released by orgasm releases bacteria from the cervix and flusher out of the body, reducing the chance of infection. And a cheerful mood contributes to keep healthy.

Benefits of female masturbation 4: Burns calories
According to relevant data research points out, an orgasm can consume about 170 calories, if your reaction is intense or climax time is prolonged, the number of times increased, can consume more calories also,it can be called the most happy burning calories ways.