Five Points Can Affect Your Winter Sex Drive

by sanmei

Five Points Can Affect Your Winter Sex Drive

It’s not just the cold that makes your body scream “noooooo!” at the possibility of sex. And even if you have warm covers, a slight shift and sudden blast of freezing air will make your privates crawl back into the body for warmth.

But, there are also other things that can make your winter-time sex drive take a nosedive. Here’s a quick rundown…

1. Lack of Vitamins

Specifically vitamin D. This comes from the lack of sunlight many of us have while we’re huddled in our warm houses and offices. According to Daisy Mae Sharer MD, men are particularly prone to suffering from this deficiency through erectile dysfunction.  

So, maybe buy a bottle, now?

2. S.A.D.


No, not a blue feeling – well, maybe. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder and it hits your mental health really hard during the cold winter months.

Summer’s over, days get shorter (like 4 pm sunsets!), and a ton of stress from holiday expectations. Dump all of that on top of the lack of full-spectrum light, and it’s a potent cocktail for a sad sex drive.

Solution? People who live in the far north, and have to deal with 3 months of nighttime, swear by a full-spectrum bulb that mimics daylight. Maybe try those?

3. Less Social Life


Let’s be honest, only a hard-core winter bunny or buck wants to go out in heavy snowfall just to have a drink with friends. Since we find ourselves cooped up (possibly alone more) it can take a toll on our minds and hearts … and therefore libido.

Maybe try to make an extra effort to go out when the weather is not horrific – or even find someone who’s willing to come to you.

4. Screwy Serotonin


This chemical and neurotransmitter is super important for so many reasons. It helps keep our moods from going all over the place, keeps our energy away from being sloth levels, helps us snooze properly, and … you guessed it … sexual desire.

5. Colds and Flues

Yeah, this one is pretty straightforward. When flu season rolls around, we don’t want to get frisky when snot is oozing from our noses.

Well, there you have it! Five sneaky culprits that are messing with your winter sex drive!