For male, how to make a simple sex toy with a towel?

by sanmei

For male, how to make a simple sex toy with a towel?

Why would someone want to know how to make a sex toy with a towel? Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a $100+ pocket pussy.

But even so, regular masturbation can sometimes get boring and guys might want to switch it up. The good news is, there are so many “budget” options – with things laying around your house (and for the love of god, no, it’s not your vacuum cleaner).



how to make a sex toy with a towel


This is one of the most popular ones out there and it’s super easy to make. All you need is…

  • 1 small towel (like a hand towel)
  • 1 condom or latex glove
  • Some elastic bands
  • Lube
how to make a sex toy with a towel
  1. Start by laying out the towel in full – it shouldn’t be too big or fluffy
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Position the condom or latex glove on the towel with about 1 inch of the open end sticking out below the edge of the towel
  4. Roll the towel up all the way and then add a few elastic bands keep things from unrolling
  5. Add lube to your dick
  6. Insert into condom
  7. Have fun
how to make a sex toy with a towel

You might need to make some “adjustments” – like making the bands looser or tighter (just don’t make it too tight because your grip can do most of the work), trying a different towel, etc. But no matter what you do, always use lube (even if the condom comes with some). It will make for a much better experience.

Also, if you’re allergic to latex, find a non-allergenic option.



You can warm the towel beforehand. Some people soak it before rolling. Some soak it after. There are also been suggestions about putting it in the microwave (before you’ve put the condom in).

Any heating methods are fine – and can feel amazing. However, always to a skin test first on the inside of your arm. You don’t want to burn your junk.



Yeah, you read that right.

While researching towel pocket pussies, I stumbled across this suggestion. At first, I figured it was a joke or something “way out there” but after reading further I totally understood the reason behind the squishy candy choice.

blue and white towel

The gummy version is the same as the towel one – right up to the point where you place the condom or glove down. But then, you lay out some gummy bears or worms over the condom area. Then, just roll it up and add the elastic bands.

Sounds weird? Yes.

But it’s the cheap way of adding bumps and “textures” to the pocket pussy – like when you see in the sleeves of those expensive Fleshlights? Yeah, that.

If candies (ones that might turn gooey and sticky as you use them, and therefore make it harder to clean the towel – please god clean the towel!) don’t float your boat, really anything else that is soft/flexible but will add a bumpy sensation will do the trick.

So there you go!

That’s how to make a sex toy with a towel!