Give you a realistic visual experience by using sexdoll

by sanmei

Give you a realistic visual experience by using sexdoll

If you want a realistic visual experience for a fraction of the sex-doll price, these torsos are available to play with.

This particular torso has a built-in spine and realistic nipple, areola, and vagina details to give you an authentic experience.

The vagina and anus caverns go halfway up inside the dolls, too, for really deep penetration. The realistic experience is impressive for such a low price.

Though the low price comes with a downside, even if the experience is soft and pleasurable.

The material isn’t the best you can get (a porous TPE), so this torso might not last long. 

But it will be good to test the waters before investing in something more expensive.

You can feel the difference between the anal and vaginal openings and use the doll in dozens of positions.

It’s not floppy at all but the boobs still bounce, and it’s heavier than it looks so it won’t move around too much when you’re using it.

The openings are also really tight if you like that sort of thing. And the anus is ribbed with a strong grip.

Oh, and this isn’t full-size at all if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s small enough to travel with you in a backpack. 

One last thing: make sure you clean the doll well and she’s dry before you have fun again. Otherwise, she might grow some bacteria and mold.