3 Rotating 7 Patterns Soft Silicone Realistic Dildo Rabbit Vibrator

by sanmei

How To Pick Your First Rabbit Vibrator&sanmei

Buying a sex toy can be a bit overwhelming. Apart from knowing what brand to buy from, the toys themselves come in so many shapes, sizes, and materials. Cobb notes that the most body-safe toy materials consist of glass, stainless steel, and medical-grade silicone. These toys are generally better for you and less likely to collect bacteria as they’re non-porous and easier to clean. While toys can also be made from rubber, latex, plastic, or jelly, she recommends going with a medical-grade silicone rabbit.

In addition to material, Morgan, Cobb, and Alicia Sinclair, CEO and founder of Le Wand Massager, share some other things to consider before buying a rabbit:

Price: Sex toys really range in the price department. Before falling in love with something out of your budget, decide what you’re able to spend and then start your search in that parameter.

Intensity and Function: Knowing what sensations you want in your toy can help you find the perfect one. Are you looking for a super high-intensity rabbit that thrusts internally? 3 In 1 Heating Licking Rabbit Vibrator may be it. Are you looking for something that rotates internally? The Rabbit Vibrator With 4 Rotating Modes Metal Beads has your number. If you want direct G-Spot stimulation, like someone fingering you, look at Beads Swinging Vibrating Clit Pussy Bunny Massager. Maybe you’re down for something resembling a dildo? Try the Realistic Purple Dildo Vibrator. Or maybe you want something discrete that could be mistaken for a dog toy — peep the We-Vibe Nova 2. They make rabbits with air stimulators, that simulate oral sex. Heck, there are even heated rabbits that literally warm-up your G-spot. Think about what your dream rabbit would do, then literally Google, “rabbit vibrator that...” From there, you can look at how many speeds or vibration patterns the toy has, and what other customers had to say.

Mode of power: Some rabbits are still battery-powered. While this can be annoying if you don’t have batteries lying around, it saves you from adding another wire to your bundle of chargers.

Noise Level: Does the idea of your family members or roommates hearing your sex toy make you want to hide in a bunker? While quieter toys may be less powerful, they may make you more comfortable (wink-wink) in the long run. Read reviews to get a sense of how noisy your toy is.

Water Resistance: If you like to masturbate in the shower or bath, ensuring your rabbit is waterproof may be important.

Size: If you’re looking to hide your rabbit in a small drawer, you may want something on the smaller side, like a Mini Rabbit. Additionally, if you have physical limitations, a lighter rabbit may be easier for you to hold and use, like the Beginner's Bunny.