How to Touch Her Breasts

by sanmei

How to Touch Her Breasts

Imagine that you’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation with your mates by the beach.

Next to you, you see a beautiful girl, giving some fresh air to her perky breasts. You smile at her, and she smiles back at you.

Her eyes quickly shy away from you, but the smile is still present on her face.

There’s some sexual tension in the air, which probably makes the thing between your legs react.

You can’t stop looking at her breasts. It is as if they are calling you to acknowledge them, even to touch them.

Later, you realize that she’s staying alone at the same hotel as you. You meet her in the deserted corridor, and she stops next to you.

With a breathy voice, she tells you, “I want you to touch my breasts.”

Her eyes scream her desire, inviting you to act on the urge you felt a few hours ago.

You might tell me this scenario is impossible. But I will tell you the opposite, because it is possible.

I know because I’ve done it before. I’ve asked a stranger to touch my breasts.

The result was not as great as expected, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

You don’t want to look like a doctor giving an exam.

You want to give a nipple orgasm, simply with the touch of your hands.

So how do you do that? Read my five tips to touch her breasts and make her legs shake.

#1: Engage her whole body

Before you go into breast play, you might want to blindfold her or tie her hands to engage her whole body.

When there is sensory deprivation, such as being blindfolded, all the other senses are increased.

Every touch will feel ten times more intense than without a blindfold.

Same for the hands. If they are tied and can’t move, it will excite her brain and add to the sensation.

You want to make sure that she gives you her consent to blindfold her or tie her hands. Don’t abuse her trust, because this is essential for her to feel safe.

You can give her a feather touch all over her body too, using a piece of fabric. Find something nearby, for example, a T-shirt or a piece of fabric, to act as a feather.

#2: Give her a breast massage

As she invites you into her hotel room, grab the complimentary lotion from the bathroom. In another scenario, have some coconut or massage oil handy.

  • Pour some oil into your hands and warm it up by rubbing your hands together.
  • Then massage her breasts, starting slow and soft, just enough to warm her whole body.

As you massage her, keep gazing at her if she’s looking at you. It will give you this confident look that will make her dripping wet.

If she has her eyes closed, focus on the sensations of desire you feel in your body. Imagine that she can feel your desire through your touch.

Resist the urge to jump on her and stay present with your sensations. You don’t want to look like a beast; you want to look like a contained gentleman.

  • Spread your whole palm over her skin and apply gentle pressure on her flesh.
  • Then, slide your palms down her belly and massage her slightly above her pelvic bone. She will feel a tingling sensation in her pussy.
  • As you see her moaning, slide your hands back up to her breasts and massage her beautiful pears (or sweet melons) again.

Tease her slowly until she wants more than just a breast massage. Yet, resist: you don’t give in easily.

Deep tissue massage

Breasts can be heavy and create muscle knots in the chest. There is a muscle called the pectoral (major and minor) above her breasts and close to her armpits.

  • Apply more pressure here using your thumbs and making circular movements. You want to be careful, though, as it is close to the breasts.
  • Then go back to massaging her breasts gently.

Cup them

Imagine that you’re trying to weigh her breasts with just your hands..

If she has generous breasts, cup them with your hands and knead them as a cat would knead a blanket.

If her breasts are more petite, cup them too, and grab her nipples in between your fingers. Then, press in between your fingers and tease her this way.

She will feel a rush of pleasure.

#3: It’s now time for nipple play

Nipples are sensitive, so not every woman will enjoy this part.

Gauge her response to nipple play; if she is smirking, skip this part and read the next step. If she seems to enjoy it, you might be able to give her a nipple orgasm.

You are an artist

First, imagine your fingers are a brush and her breasts a canvas. You want to brush around her nipples.

  • Make circles without actually touching the nipples.
  • And when she least expects it, pinch her nipples gently. She might feel a rush of pleasure as oxytocin is released into her body.
  • Roll them between your thumbs and index finger, and figure out how firm you can go. If she seems to handle it, try pulling gently and release.

Do that a few times, always making sure she’s having a good time. Of course, the best way is to ask her, “How do you feel right now?”

This may be a new experience for her, so she could answer, “It feels weird,” or laugh awkwardly. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it, but she needs to go back into a breast play she’s more comfortable with.

#4: Use your tongue

Let’s take it to another level and use your tongue.

Her nipples are the best lollipops you’ve ever licked. If the thought of sweet is repulsive to you, then imagine that it’s the best piece of ribeye you ever ate. Or whatever sounds delicious to you.

Imagine you’re gently licking this tasty thing. You better have chosen coconut oil as a massage lotion before because, otherwise, you might taste the body lotion.

Here’s the trick if this is the case. Tell her to wait one minute for you and go quickly to the bathroom or the kitchen to have a sip of water. Then, keep the water in your mouth and return to your girl.

Get close to her nipples and gently pour the fresh water on her warm and stimulated nipples. She might be very surprised, and that’s the point! You want to play with the sensations.

You can do the same if you have a cup of mild tea handy, but you want to avoid coffee as it stains and smells strong.

Menthol play

Another thing you could try for a short time: bring the toothpaste from the bathroom and put a tiny bit of it on her nipples. It will create tingling sensations on her body, but you might want to wipe it fast if it starts burning her.

Thankfully, toothpaste is not harmful to the body, even if it feels like burning. It’s just the sensation felt from the menthol contained in the toothpaste, and wiping it off stops the sensations.

#5: Now make love to her

By this time, I’m sure she’s dripping wet.

You might want to stop here, allowing her to come back to you and ask for more.

But you can decide to keep playing with her a little more and add some intercourse to the breast play.

Keep your focus in mind: you want to make love while honoring her breasts.

So, choose sex positions that will expose her breasts to you or highlight their strengths and beauty.

Cowgirl position

The cowgirl is one of the best positions for that.

At this point, she might be so excited that she’ll want to ride you. Bingo for you, as you can just relax and let her enjoy mounting your cock. But stay present; devour her breasts with your eyes.

And from time to time, grab them and give them the attention they deserve.

Spanking position

The following sex position, one of my favorites, is the spanking position.

It’s a form of doggy style, except she’s standing, and her arms are resting on a wall, bed or chair.

Penetrate your girl from behind while giving her a little slap on the butt, and then use your hands to hold her breasts.

Lift her closer towards you and feel the confidence this position gives you. You’re the dominant here, and she’s totally at your mercy, putting all her trust in you. Make her feel safe as you protect her by penetrating her.

  • Always use a condom if she’s a stranger.
  • If she’s your trusted partner and you have her permission beforehand, there’s nothing more delicious than finishing inside. This is the best position to see your powerful life milk dripping out of her pussy lips.

As you finish, remember after-care. She is probably still high from the sex, even if you’re back on earth. So hold her tight, and bring her to the bed with you. Let her rest in your arms here for a good 5–10 minutes.

Tell her how amazing she is and how her breasts are gorgeous, no matter the size! I have small breasts, and I love it when my partner tells me how perfect my breasts are and how much fun he has playing with them.

Unfortunately, women are socially obligated to hide their breasts all day long everywhere.

Social media: they can’t be shown. Exercise? Still no (and it might be painful anyway to jog without a bra).

It is not even common on beaches to be topless unless you have the chance to be in France or Spain, or at a nude beach somewhere.

So, now that her breasts have a chance to take fresh air and be exposed, honor them.

Acknowledge them.

Give them the love and attention they crave.

As you touch her breasts, remember one key point! You need to both have fun, including you! There’s more than just penetration in sex, and touching breasts can be fun too! So go have fun.


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