Lube Pursuit —#LubeLife

by Evelyn Quinn

Lube Pursuit —#LubeLife

Finding the perfect lube can feel near impossible. Everyone’s body is different. Everyone has different needs for lubricant. I happen to be someone who has a body that is VERY finicky about what goes on, in, and or around my vagina. That reason has sent me on the hunt to find the best lube that will work for people who have more sensitive skin and bodies.

My husband found #LubeLife one day, after I had told him I most likely was getting a yeast infection from a lube we had just used. #LubeLife is free of silicone and glycerin, which I have noticed to be common ingredients in lubricants that have not worked for me.

I’ve broken down my review of this lubricant to hopefully give you the information you may need to determine if this lubricant is worth the try for you.

Stock image of lubricant. Clear 8oz bottle. Brand “Lube Life” on label with grey and gold lettering

Price: Very affordable. Prices on their website range from $18.00 for a 8oz bottle to $24.00 for a 12oz bottle.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty basic. The label on the bottle itself isn’t discreet, if that’s what you’re wanting. (An idea if you’re needing to have it nearby inconspicuously, is to buy a soap dispenser that matches your bedroom decor and keep it on your nightstand.)

Scent: There is no scent. Even washing it away with hot water, nothing.

Consistency: Water-downed gel. It does not mimic female lubrication too well though.

Taste: It tastes strongly of bitter chemicals. Not the ideal lubricant for oral activities.

Durability: It doesn’t last long before needing to reapply. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly leaving the skin sticky. It’s not a pleasurable feeling when your skin is sticking to your partner’s while they’re thrusting.

Cleanup: Cleanup is fairly quick in the shower. It washes away with ease using water alone.You don’t have to keep washing to get layer upon layer to wash away. We also haven’t seen any staining on our bedsheets.

Ingredients: I do like that it is lube without all the ingredients that typically cause issues with my personal pH levels. I believe the short ingredient list contributes to it’s easy cleanup, but also it’s lack in durability.

Overall, it’s not a terrible lubricant. It’s more ideal for manual foreplay, instead of oral or penetrative sex. The main positives for me are that, my chemical balance was not disturbed and the ease of cleanup. I don’t know if we’ll purchase it again, but we will definitely continue to use it up. If it’s a lube you’re wanting to try, go for the smallest bottle to see.